NFT Hydroponic System 3 Tier

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NFT Hydroponic System 3 Tier – a lightweight, easy to assemble Nutrient Film Technique ( NFT ) system, ideal for smaller leafy greens, herbs, and other plants.

  • Channel dimensions are 100mm x 50mm and each of the 3 stepped tiers house 6 x 50ml Net pots.
  • Each channel is split and the top of the channel can be lifted up or removed for jobs like root pruning, maintenance, cleaning or inspection.
  • The system includes a 45lt water reservoir, HJ-942 submersible water pump, as well as water soluble hydroponic plant nutrients, a pH testing and adjustment kit, 18 x 50ml Net Pots and 2 liters of clay pebbles ( LECA ) to get you started.

NFT System Add-ons


NFT Hydroponic System 3 Tier Dimensions:

Each channel is 120cm long, and the nutrient inlet piping and flow rate adjustment tap add another 10cm the the system’s total width of 130cm.

The depth of the system is 51cm.
The height of the system is 126cm.

The Nutrient Film Technique:

A hydroponic growing method that involves creating a shallow film of nutrient-rich water that flows continuously over the roots of plants. This method has several benefits over traditional soil-based farming.

For example, NFT hydroponics:
– Allows plants to grow faster and more efficiently, since they have constant access to water and nutrients
– Uses less water and fertilizer than traditional farming methods
– Can be done in a smaller space, making it ideal for urban environments
– Helps to prevent pests and diseases, since the plants are not grown in soil
– Enables farmers to have greater control over the growing environment and the quality of their crops

Overall, NFT hydroponics is a highly efficient and effective way to grow plants, which makes it a popular choice for both urban and commercial farmers and gardeners who want to produce healthy, high-quality crops.