Hydroponic Maxi DWC Starter Kit


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The Maxi DWC Starter Kit (Deep Water Culture) is a compact hydroponic system that can be used indoors or outdoors. Simple to setup and use. Perfect for first time growers or hobbyists. Space for 2 large plants like Tomatoes, Chilies etc.

Unlike other DWC systems, the Maxi DWC Starter Kit provides nutrients at the root zone by pumping water from the reservoir into the pots and also provides circulation within the reservoir. This allows you to plant seedlings directly into the system and cut propagation time by up to 3 weeks.
(Also known as Bubbleponics)


– 45L reservoir (Size: 44cm x 39cm x 37cm)
– 2 x 1L Net Pots
– 2L Leca Growing Medium
– Submersible water pump & feeding manifold
– Air pump with air stone (air stone may differ depending on supply)
– Nutrient A (525g) – makes 5L concentrated solution
– Nutrient B (350g) – makes 5L concentrated solution
– MKP Bloom Booster (125g) – makes 5L concentrated solution
– pH Test Kit
– pH Up 250ml
– pH Down 250ml
– 3 x 5L Containers