MistMaker 5 Float


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A MistMaker 5 Float allows a Mistmaker 5‘s mist head to float freely around a water filled container at the idea depth below the water’s surface. As the water is atomized by the ultrasonic ceramic disks housed inside the mist head, the water level in the container will recede over time. This can happen quite quickly, with the capacity of the MistMaker 5 Ultrasonic Humidifier being 1.6lt /per hour.

The float allows the mist head to recede as the water recedes, always being at the right level beneath the water’s surface. This is obviously a vast improvement over having a static mist head, where a lower water level can quickly cause the MistMaker to cut out. (A built-in safety feature of these units).

The Mistmaker 5 mist head’s dimensions are: 85mm diameter, 55mm height (incl. water level sensor) and this float is made to accommodate it at the optimal level beneath the water.

The diameter of the float is 20cm and its full height is 7.5cm.


The MistMaker 5 Ultrasonic Humidifier is a great tool to use to increase humidity in an enclosed space. The MistMaker can also be used for foliar feeding or aeroponic root feeding, as plant leaves and roots are able to absorb the minute water particles very easily.

* Lighter for scale