Lumii Aerotube Reflector

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The Lumii Aerotube Reflector is an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube with a lamp mounting bracket in its centre. The Lumii Aerotube Reflector is perfect for removing the excess heat generated by HID grow lights without leaking unwanted odours.

Cooltubes were one of the first air cooled reflectors to become available and all these years later they are still a firm favourite with many growers. Effectively a 150mm inline glass tube allows you to blow or extract air through the reflector and over your lamp, thus taking the heat away before it can raise the temperature in your grow room. An additional clip on the reflector is also supplied with the Aerotube which improves your spread of light and reduces any light wastage.

Multiple Aerotubes can be mounted in series along the same length of 150mm Flexible Aluminium Ducting.

Suitable for 250w, 400w and 600w HID lamps

Size: 150mm or 6″ Flange

Length: 50cm