Garden HighPro LightHangers


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Garden HighPro LightHangers are LIGHT DUTY ratchet sets, suitable to use for smaller or lighter items in your grow space, such as small, light-weight carbon filters, hygrometers, RH probes, or even an errant plant stem.

The LightHangers feature open ended plastic hooks, plastic pulleys, pure cotton rope and have a 5kg hanging capacity per set of 2.

Garden HighPro LightHangers also have a slighty shorter rope length of 1.05m.

Sold in sets of 2 ratchets hangers per pack.

We’ve recently received a lots of great new gear from Garden HighPro and also stock their Prohanger XL Ratchets, Prohanger Regular Ratchets and ProCufs. Having various types of ratchet hangers around is great, as they always come in handy when you are making changes to your grow area or when you are adding new items to it!

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