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Eco Bb, a Biological Insecticide, infects and kills whitefly, spider mite and various other agricultural insect pests on tomatoes, brinjals, beans and cucumber. It attacks and parasitizes insects resulting in mortality of the insect within 3-5 days.

Eco Bb is a beneficial fungus, Beauveria bassiana, that is non-toxic, attaches itself to the insect, then penetrates the exoskeleton and attacks the insects from the inside.

Please note that this fungi is light (UV) sensitive and should only be applied at a time when there is no direct sunlight. Best to spray during late afternoon when there is reduced sunlight and UV intensity. This gives the product a better opportunity to take effect.

As a result, regular sprays are required in times of heavy infestation to control insect populations.

Size: 5g


Foliar Spray – 1g to 1L water

Repeat every 7 – 14 days