Ludwig’s Rose Spider Mite Spray


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Ludwig’s Rose Spider Mite Spray is a suspension concentrate contact acaricide for the control of the egg and immature stages of the red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) on roses and tomatoes.

Size: 50ml
Active Ingredient: Etoxclzole (Diphenyloxazoline derivative) 100g/e
Rose Spider Mite is effective for the control of the egg and immature stages of the red mite (Tetranychus urticae) and European Red Mite (Panonychus ulmi). It does not control adult spider mites. Rose Spider Mite is moderately slow acting and should be applied when first sign of infestation is noticed. Good coverage of all plant surfaces with the spray is essential. Rose Spider Mite does not adversely affect beneficial predators such as Amblyseius californicus and Oligota.
Since Rose Spider Mite has not been fully tested in all sequences and combinations of sprays, it is not recommended to tank-mix with any other spray materials until greater experience has been obtained. Do not mix with fungicides.
Rose Spider Mite is a suspension concentrate. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Agitation is necessary to avoid settling during mixing and spraying. Hall fill the spray equipment with clean water. Measure out the required quantity of Rose Spider Mite and pre-mix with a small volume of water (1 part Rose Spider Mite to 10 parts water), before adding to the water in the spray equipment. Fill spray equipment to the required volume with water. Maintain agitation during spraying. Use prepared spray mixing immediately. Do not allow to stand overnight.