Biogrow Neudosan

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Biogrow Neudosan, is an environmentally friendly target specific biopesticide effective against soft bodied insects such as Aphids, Scale, Red Spider Mite, Whitefly, Thrips etc.

The active ingredient, Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids penetrates an insect’s body coverings and disrupts the cell membranes. The cell contents leak out causing the insect to dehydrate and die. Potassium salts of fatty acids are somewhat selective towards soft-bodied insects, such as Red Spider Mite, Aphids, Scales, Psyllids, Whitefly, Thrips & Caterpillar.  Flying adult insects with a stronger outer covering, such as ladybird beetles and bees, may be less affected by this active ingredient. However, insects in the immature, flightless stage of development are more vulnerable to the effects of this active ingredient.

The formulation increases the spreadability and efficacy of the active ingredient.

Biogrow Neudosan carries the following benefits:

  • Fast acting, contact insecticide – miticide.
  • Safe – low mammalian toxicity, no harmful residues, may be used on day of  harvest.
  • May be used in organically certified crops.
  • Contains no methanol.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Excellent spreading.



Neudosan spray must contact the target pest to be effective. It can be applied as a curative measure to control high pest infestation using the higher recommended dosage rate with applications every 7 days. Under periods of low insect infestation, apply every 14 days. Repeat applications as necessary. Can be applied until the day of harvest.


20ml to 40ml /1ℓ water (Depending on pest and severity)

Application instructions:

Apply as full cover spray, ensuring thorough wetting on top and underside of leaves. Spray at coolest part of the day. Do not apply in temperatures above 30°C. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Shake well before use.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.