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Eco-BB Beauveria Bassiana, sold in 40 g sachets.

Beauveria Bassiana is a fungal inoculant for the control of white fly and suppression of red spider mites on cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and brinjals; control of Tuta Absoluta (Tomato Leafminer) on tomatoes and False Codling Moth on avocado, litchi, citrus, stone fruit, tree nuts, table grapes and pomegranates.

✓ Broad host range
✓ Effective against all life stages
✓ Unique formulation for enhanced efficacy

Eco-Bb has a unique dry powder formulation, which includes oil-coated Beauveria Bassiana spores. The product is non-toxic, has no with-holding period and is approved for organic use. The oil coating helps protect the spores from UV damage and desiccation. Multiple spores are contained within each oil droplet, which enhances the virulence of Eco-Bb against the insect or mite pest.

Once the oil droplet lands on the insect pest, the spores germinate and produce enzymes, which penetrate the insect’s cuticle. The Eco-Bb fungus then grows inside the insect pest, which changes insect behavior and reduces feeding, before causing death to the insect. Death of the insect will typically occur 3 to 5 days after initial contact with Eco-Bb.

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  • Apply at a rate of 2g/liter of water.
  • Apply every 7 – 14 days, depending on the severity of the pest.
  • Apply as soon as pest is noticed.
  • Ensure proper coverage – contact with pest is important.
  • Store at 4 – 10 degrees Celsius for maximum shelf life.
  • Once the product packaging has been opened, the spores are exposed to moisture fluctuations.
    This will affect the viability of the product slowly over time. The product will still be fully viable for
    1 month after opening.
  • Where possible, apply the product in the late afternoon when humidity is high and UV is low,
    unless the target insect/life cycle stage is only active during the early morning.
  • Avoid the use of broad-spectrum fungicides for at least 3 days before and 3 days after Eco-Bb