Curved Hydroponic Plant Cups


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Curved Hydroponic Plant Cups replace net pots and enable substrate-free NFT hydroponic growing.

The cups are made out of Polypropylene and the rubber slotted grommets are made out of TPE-S Compound,  a well known food grade material.

Curved Hydroponic Plant Cups Features

More on NFT Hydroponics

NFT, or Nutrient Film Technique, is a popular hydroponic system for cultivating plants in a soilless environment. In NFT hydroponics, a thin film of nutrient-rich water is continuously circulated over the plant roots, providing them with a steady supply of essential nutrients. This method maximizes oxygen exposure to the roots, promoting rapid growth and healthy development. NFT systems are known for their efficiency and are widely used in commercial greenhouse settings as well as by home gardeners. The NFT setup is relatively simple, consisting of a sloping channel where plants are positioned with their roots suspended within the nutrient solution. The excess solution is collected, filtered, and recirculated, making NFT a water-conserving approach to plant cultivation.

One of the key advantages of NFT hydroponics lies in its ability to support a wide range of crops, from leafy greens like lettuce and herbs, to fruiting plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. The controlled environment of NFT systems minimizes the risk of soil-borne diseases, pests, and weeds, allowing for cleaner and more predictable yields. Additionally, NFT systems are known for their space efficiency, making them suitable for urban farming and areas with limited arable land. By precisely managing the nutrient concentration and pH levels in the water, growers can fine-tune the growing conditions to optimize plant health and productivity. Overall, NFT hydroponics presents an innovative and sustainable approach to modern agriculture, offering a pathway towards more efficient and environmentally conscious food production.

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