Cooltube Reflector

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The Cooltube Reflector is an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube with a lamp mounting bracket in its center on the one end. Cooltube Reflectors are perfect for removing the excess heat generated by HPS or Metal Halide grow lights.

New Cooltube Wing Design

PLEASE NOTE: NEW Cooltubes now have detachable side wings instead of being permanently attached on hinges that flip the wings up or down. (See photos on the left)

Cooltubes were one of the first air cooled reflectors to become available and all these years later they are still a firm favorite with many growers. They are effectively an inline glass tube that allows you to extract air through the reflector and over your lamp, taking the heat away before it can raise the temperature of your grow room. (Instructional video here)

Cooltubes can be mounted in series along the same length of flexible aluminium ducting.

The Cooltubes have a rounded internal reflector (inside the glass tube), as well as foldable outside reflector wings, for a slightly tighter light spread. They have a mounting hook on each side, to suspend from rope ratchets, come with a 4.5 m long male kettle plug power cord and can be used with up to 1000 Watt bulbs. The hood is fitted with a ceramic E40 light fitting.

Length of 6″ tube (150 mm diameter), end to end: 62 cm

Width of 6″ cooltube when reflector wings are folded out (tip to tip): 28 cm

Length of 8″ tube (200 mm diameter), end to end: 72 cm

Width of 8″ cooltube when reflector wings are folded out (tip to tip): 35 cm