Connectable Plant Support Stakes


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Connectable Plant Support Stakes are each 60cm tall and are connectable (they screw into each other) to easily create longer plant stakes.

Plants and carrying plant stems often get “top-heavy” during flowering and fruiting, causing them to lean, or even fall over completely and this when you would need to tie them to a support to give them extra stability. Tomatoes and other climbing plants, like Peas, Beans, Cucumbers, etc., also need to be secured to some type of support to support their growing habit.

These stakes can also be used to train plants as they are growing:

  • Support younger plants that tend to be floppy after their first transplant. This often happens when top-side growth is a little bit too aggressive for the plant’s own good, where to root system has not had enough time to anchor the plant into the substrate well enough yet.
  • Stakes can also be used during LST ( Low Stress Training ), where stems are trained according to the grower’s desire while the plant is developing. Stems are are often trained horizontally to create a flat plane where all budding sites will have equal access to light from above, but some adventurous growers may experiment with plants that are trained to form a cylinder or a square around a centrally suspended light source.

These Connectable Plant Support Stakes are made from plastic-coated steel, providing increased durability and strength.

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