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The Budget Large Propagator is as big as other large / X-large high dome plant propagators, but significantly smaller on price! The available inside height for clones (including the clone plug’s height) is approx. 18 cm and the inside of the the tray is 31 cm x 51 cm, able to accommodate seedling trays like the 45 Cell Tray, ROOTiT 60 Cell Tray, and also 2 x 48 Cell Trays. The clear lid has to ventilation ports that can be opened to reduce humidity inside the dome over time.

The propagator’s base does have a bit of a bubble when empty, but will flatten out when weighed down with a tray full of clones that are ready to root!

The outside dimensions of this humidity dome is 23 cm (H), 38 cm (W),  58 cm (L)

Using a humidity dome like the Budget Large Propagator when propagating plant clones or cuttings is an essential step to ensure successful rooting. Start by selecting healthy, disease-free parent plants and trim them to include a few leaves and a node where roots will emerge. Dip the cut end of each cutting into a rooting hormone to encourage faster root development and improve success rates. Insert the cuttings into a growing medium such as peat, perlite, or a soilless mix, ensuring each cutting is firm and stable. Place the cuttings inside a propagation tray and cover them with a humidity dome. The dome helps maintain high humidity levels, crucial for preventing the cuttings from drying out since they lack roots to absorb water.

Position the tray in a location with indirect light or use a grow light set to a low intensity to avoid scorching the tender cuttings. Aim to keep the humidity levels inside the dome around 90-100% for the first few days, then gradually reduce it to 80-85% as roots begin to develop. Monitor the moisture of the growing medium and mist the cuttings if necessary to maintain adequate humidity. Ventilate the dome periodically to allow fresh air exchange, which helps prevent mold and fungal growth. Once the cuttings have established roots, usually within 1-3 weeks, you can begin acclimating them to the external environment by gradually increasing the time the dome is removed each day.

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