Bluelab Leap pH Probe

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Bluelab Leap pH Probe allows you to measure pH directly in the root zone of your potted plants. Test pH directly in the root zone of your growing substrates and in a wide range of media including soils, coco coir, rockwool and potting mixes. The Leap Probe can of course also still measure the pH of liquid nutrient solutions.

The toughened-glass spear-tip can be pushing directly into loose media for a direct measurement.

Test more and faster with Bluelab’s fastest pH sensor.

The Bluelab Leap pH Probe can be used by everybody – from the home enthusiast to commercial applications.

Use with Combo Meter, Combo Meter Plus, Multimedia pH Meter or any Bluelab product with a BNC style connection.

Replace only the Leap pH probe, not the whole meter!


  • Robust toughened-glass, spear-tip for direct root zone measurement
  • Easy to clean
  • Gel filled (non-refillable), low maintenance
  • Double junction probe
  • Waterproof cable joint
  • Quality BNC connection
  • Dibber included for piloting hole into tough mediums – use the dibber when soils are hard so as to not damage your pH probe.
  • 2 meter / 6.56 foot standard cable

Don’t forget to always store the probe upright in pH Storage Solution, and to check for correct calibration using pH Calibrating liquids.