AutoPot AirBase Round


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AutoPot AirBase Round:

Give your plants a lift with AirBase. This handy plate fits into the bottom of your pot during set up and allows you to sidestep the use of a pebble layer for drainage. Whilst simple, cheap, and effective, the preparation, pH balancing, and use of pebbles can be a chore. Simply drop AirBase in instead and you’re away. This essential addition even features a pop-out centre-section allowing for easy, optional integration with AirDome.

AutoPot AirBase Round will fit Autopot’s 25 L pots and 20 L fabric FlexiPots. A beautifully intuitive and effective innovation, AirBase is fabricated from tough ABS plastic making it highly durable and thus extensively reusable.




AutoPot AirBase Round Flexipot Installed AutoPot AirBase Round Plastic Pot Installed