Air Tubing




Air Tubing or air piping is used to connect air stones and air curtains to air pumps and air compressors, which in turn are used to aerate and agitate nutrient solutions in hydroponic growing systems, like DWC‘s (Deep Water Culture) or NFT’s (Nutrient Film Technique), etc. This provides oxygen to plant roots, helps prevent algae formation and prevents nutrients from settling to the bottom of feeding tanks over time.

5mm Air Tubing, made from clear flexible plastic or silicone, is compatible with most air pumps and air stones, and is sold per meter.

Regular plastic air piping is more rigid than the silicon air piping, but may form permanent “flat spots” over time if the piping remains bent for long periods – for example, when running the piping underneath a reservoir lid.

Silicon Air Piping will keep its original shape much better, but is softer and more pliable – which means that it can more easily be pressed shut and care will have to be taken to install the piping properly, so that it DOES NOT get pressed shut by a reservoir lid, for instance.

Air tubing should not be used to channel water, as the semi-transparent material will allow light though it and this will cause algae to grow inside the piping, which may spread to other parts of the system. This may not be a problem if present in small quantities, but will rob your plants of oxygen and nutrition when out of hand.

Always make sure that your air pump is installed HIGHER than the top of your water reservoir, so that water cannot run into the air pump form the reservoir and cause an electrical short-circuit. Alternatively, use Air Pump Check Valves to prevent water from getting into your air pump. If your system is set up outside, make sure that your air pump and electrical supply is properly waterproofed.

TIP: Air tubing can also be attached to a suitable syringe and can then be used to draw exact nutrient doses from bottles of organic or hydroponic nutrient ranges.