AgriSil K50 Plant Silica Supplement

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AgriSil K50 Plant Silica Supplement

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Fully soluble, liquid formulation potassium silicate designed for agricultural use. The ultimate silica supplement to aid in building plant stress and disease tolerance.

✓ Improves cell strength resulting in improved crop quality
✓ Enhances crop tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress
✓ Improved natural resistance to a wide range of pests

AgriSil K50 Benefits

Silicon also acts as a ‘catalyst’ of natural plant resistance mechanisms. This means that where there is sufficient silica available to the plant, resistance responses are more complex and occur quicker.

NB – AgriSil K50 does not function as a pesticide in any way as it has no direct effect on any pest or disease. It simply helps activate and enhance the plants own natural resistance mechanisms.

Typical Analysis:
K: 63g/kg
Si: 92g/kg
pH: 11


  • Soil Drench: 2ml per 5L of water. ( 5ml per 5L of water MAXIMUM ) Outdoors, once every 2 to 3 weeks. In containerized nurseries and hydroponic facilities, a weekly application is recommended.
  • Foliar Feeding: 2 to 5 ml per liter. 7 to 10 day intervals.
  • Check pH before application!

Silicon Plus can be used as a soil drench with Trichoderma and Biological insecticide during early to late stages of vegetative growth. ( Light dose )

AgriSil K50 Plant Silica Supplement has a high alkaline pH and pH monitoring and control is necessary when using this product. Use as a prevention rather than a cure for disease.