Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement

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Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides concentrated Calcium and Magnesium in a highly bio-available, clean and soluble form that will not clog drippers. It can be used alongside most nutrient regimes.

Proper Calcium and Magnesium availability is vital to optimize nutrition in fast growing plants. It helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruiting, and prevents blossom end rot and tip-burn in many particularly intensive crops such as tomatoes and lettuce.

Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement can also help counter Calcium sequestration when growing in coco coir using Organic nutrients, or when expanding compressed coco bales.


Warning: Do not use with GHE soft water formulations, Dual-Part Coco, or FloraNova: they already contain enough calcium for even R.O. water systems.

For all other situations:

  • Use 1.5 ml per liter of water for most applications including organic and high demand crops.
  • With Reverse Osmosis, add 2ml per liter of water before adding nutrient solution.
  • When growing in Coconut Coir, using prepared soil or soilless mixes, or expanding compressed coco, use 1 to 1.5 ml per liter to wet (to saturation) the media, and then add to nutrient solution at the same rate for the first two weeks. Continuous use may be helpful for fast growing annuals.

Get T.A.’s full Cal Mag user guide HERE.