50mm Microgreen Tray


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The 50mm Microgreen Tray has no drainage holes and is 275mm wide and 535mm long.

With its 50mm height, it can be filled to the brim using only about 7.5 liters of growing medium.

Coco coir based substrates/growing mediums are a very popular choice for growing microgreens at home, as it is a soft and airy medium with great moisture retention. Because the microgreen growing cycle is so short, with the seedling relying mostly on nutrients stored inside the seed itself, adding any supplements or additional nutrients to your substrate is not a necessity at all, although a lot of people do add a little bit of worm castings to their mixes, claiming better results.

Once you have added your substrate into the tray, water or mist spray lightly if the substrate is on the dry side and tamp the substrate down very lightly by hand, to get it to settle and flatten out nicely. Then gently sprinkle your seeds across the surface. Once this is done, a VERY thin layer of additional substrate may be sprinkled over the top of the seeds (using a baking sieve, for example)

Place the trays into a suitable environment for germination and mist or spray the top of the substrate regularly to prevent it from drying out. (A propagation dome will help keep substrate moist until your seeds have germinated, saving you a lot of effort. Remove the ). Do not overspray, as this will cause overly wet “swampy” subsurface conditions! Just keep the substrate slightly moist at all times.

Once your seeds have sprouted and grown to a harvestable size, you are able to clip off the delicious micro-leaves for your dishes and salads with a pair of pruning scissors.

The 50mm Microgreen Tray can also be used as a drip tray for potted plants, which will catch runoff during watering or flushing.


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