Dip & Root Rooting Hormone


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Dip & Root Rooting Hormone is a liquid rooting stimulator and is used extensively for the propagation of plants for ornamental use in gardens and landscaping, as well as commercially for the propagation of fruit trees.

Dip & Root is diluted with water to the required strength as follows :

Mix 1 : 20 for softwood cuttings
Mix 1 : 10 for semi-hardwood cuttings
Mix 1 : 5 for hardwood cuttings

Active Ingredients :
4-Indole-3-Butyric Acid [IBA] : 10g / Lt
1-Naphty-Acetic Acid : 5g / Lt.

Size: 10ml and 500ml

Dip & Root is a liquid hormone agent that can easily be diluted with water to any strength you should require. Due to the fact that it is a liquid, the right amount of hormones get in contact with the cutting, ensuring that the auxin is easily absorbed. You can even bunch your cuttings and each cutting will receive the identical treatment.

Dip & Root’s proven formula contains two rooting inducing hormones. As the solution contains alcohol, it is self sanitizing, to eliminate cross-contamination, which is very important. It is a stable solution that will not easily deteriorate with age.

By using Dip & Root all required concentrations can be obtained from one container. The ratio can be adapted to suit each type of cutting.