2L Electric Spray Bottle


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This 2L Electric Spray Bottle makes misting and foliar feeds a breeze! Charge the sprayer from any type A USB port with the included charging cable and enjoy an adjustable spray or mist while holding down the power button, or enable continuous mode with 2 x quick presses of the power button!

Suitable for home gardening, florists, pest control, cleaning, disinfection and more!

NOT suitable for corrosive liquids. Rinse and spray some clean water through the sprayer after use, Rinse and spray first with a light soapy solution and then with clean water after applying oily pesticides, etc! Do not turn the sprayer on when empty, or while charging. Read full instructions before use.


2L Electric Spray Bottle specifications:

Capacity: 2lt, with see-through fill indicator

Materials: ABS Handle, HDPE Pot Body

Battery: 1200mAh, 3.7V working mode, with micro DC charging port

Pump: Self-priming micro pump



Foliar feeding is a technique where plants absorb nutrients through their leaves and stems. It offers several benefits for plant growth and health. When nutrients in the soil are unavailable or locked up, foliar feeding provides an alternative way for plants to receive essential elements. This method can quickly address micronutrient deficiencies and enhance plant health.

The process involves applying a nutrient solution directly to the leaves. Stomata, tiny pores on the plant’s surface, play a vital role in this process by allowing nutrients to enter. Foliar feeding works best during periods of high light and humidity when stomata are open. Using a fine mist sprayer and the right pH level further improves nutrient absorption.

While foliar feeding is not a complete replacement for root feeding, it can be a valuable addition to your gardening routine. It provides a quick and effective solution for micronutrient deficiencies, such as iron and magnesium. For sustained plant growth, a healthy soil amendment should still be the primary focus. Overall, foliar feeding is a useful technique to support plant growth and ensure your plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive.