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Using AI as a newbie, intermediate, or expert grower…


LLMs (Large Language Models) are in the news and they really have started to become part of our lives this very day already.


Google Bard

Open AI ChatGPT

Microsoft, The New Bing

What does this have to do with growing?

The beauty of being able to chat with an LLM is how easy it is to get all the info you are looking for without having to search the web or call or email anyone anymore. BE WARNED… at present THEY SOMETIMES DO “LIE” / TALK NONSENSE (“Hallucinate“) !!! YOU NEED TO CHECK AND VERIFY WHAT YOU LEARN FROM THEM, in the same way that you would when hearing things from other people!

That being said, if you have ANY growing related questions, the AI will most certainly be able to provide clarity, explanations and guidance on these matters within SECONDS…


  • What size fan do I need for X or Y size grow tent, and what should the capacity of a carbon filter be when used with such a fan?
  • How many plants can I grow in X or Y space?
  • What would my lighting requirements be for an X by Y sized indoor Lettuce farm?
  • What should I feed my Chili plants for maximum yield?
  • How do I treat powdery mildew?
  • What’s the deal with plants and CO2?
  • Should I use organic or or mineral nutrients to get the most taste and smell from my Cannabis?
  • … the options are endless!

The AI will explain all of this (and MUCH more) to you instantly, AND … you can then ask it to explain parts of its answers in greater detail, until you fully understand the concept!

TIP: Use the “Windows + H” keyboard shortcut to literally TALK to the AI, instead of having to type!