Vertigrow 28 Hydroponic Tower

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Vertigrow 28 Hydroponic Tower – ideal for smaller species like leafy greens, herbs, ornamentals, Strawberries, etc.

1.6m tall, 60cm wide, 30lt reservoir capacity, water pump and 28 x 5oml net pots included.

EXCLUDED! – Nutrients, Clay Balls, pH testing and pH adjustment liquids

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Vertigrow 28 Hydroponic Tower Instructions


More on vertical tower hydroponics:

Vertical tower systems like the Vertigrow 28 Hydroponic Tower, has revolutionized traditional agriculture by maximizing space efficiency and optimizing resource utilization. These innovative setups enable plants to thrive in a vertical arrangement, utilizing a fraction of the space required by conventional horizontal farming. By stacking multiple tiers of plants, these towers make it possible to cultivate a diverse range of crops in a relatively small footprint. This is particularly beneficial in urban environments where space is limited, opening up new avenues for local, sustainable food production. The vertical orientation also promotes efficient nutrient and water distribution, as well as adequate exposure to light, essential for healthy plant growth.

One of the key advantages of vertical hydroponic tower systems is utilizing nutrient-rich water solutions and a soil-less growing environment – these systems deliver essential nutrients directly to the plant roots, leading to accelerated growth rates and higher yields. Additionally, they minimize the risk of soil-borne pests and diseases, reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides. This sustainable approach to farming not only conserves water and reduces the reliance on arable land, but also offers a promising solution to feeding a growing global population while minimizing the ecological footprint of agriculture. Vertical tower systems represent a forward-thinking approach that holds great potential for the future of food production.