Tent SCROG Scrog Frames




Tent SCROG Scrog Frames – These pre-made scrog frames are easy to tie onto grow tent poles With these scrog frames in place you can trim and train your plants’ shoots into a flat, uniform canopy, full of potential bud sites.

PLEASE NOTE: Tent SCROGs are now shipped “rolled up” to minimize courier fees and damages in transit. They are easily assembled once received. ( video here )

Training plants into a flat canopy (“Screen of Green”) enables the formation of many bud sites along the same horizontal plane. The leaves and bud sites along this plane will then be able to make the most of the light that is emitted by the grow light in the tent, and will generate more yield per plant when it comes to harvest time.

We currently offer Tent SCROG Scrog Frames that fit into the following popular grow tent sizes. PLEASE NOTE that the frames themselves are slightly smaller than the tent dimensions, to make sure that the frame can easily fit inside the tent, even if the tent frame has thicker diameter poles:

  • 1 m x 1 m ( actual frame dimensions are approx. 95 cm x 95 cm )
  • 1.2 m x 1.2 m ( actual frame dimensions are approx. 115 cm x 115 cm )
  • 1.5 m x 1.5 m ( actual frame dimensions are approx. 145 cm x 145 cm ) Also has 1 x additional brace through middle for stability, see below…

Tent Scrog 1-5m

You will need to have something on hand to secure the frame to the tent poles, for example, cable-ties or LightHouse Soft Garden Tie.