Pipettes made of plastic, unlike their glass counterparts, will not shatter or break when dropped. Pipettes work well whenever there is a need for quick, safe transfer or measurement of small amounts of liquids, like when measuring off liquid nutrients for hydroponic feeding solutions. A pipette can easily reach down into the bottom of a bottle and is operable with one hand (unlike syringes), making nutrient measurements quick and easy.

Ideal for when you want to just add a drop of pH Up or Down to your nutrient solution to adjust pH to the correct level.

Ideal for watering rockwool plugs, where one can easily overwater the plug, leading to damping off when the seedling has sprouted.

Ideal for adding drops of pH indicator liquid to a nutrient solution sample – when using a liquid pH test kit.


The 3ml pipette is 16 cm long and the 10ml pipette is 29 cm long



  • Manufactured from nontoxic low density polyethylene
  • Integral filling bulb eliminates contamination associated with separate rubber bulbs
  • Excellent transparency and uniform thickness
  • Pipette has precise graduations ensuring consistent results
  • Can be heat sealed for sample storage and transportation
  • Heat sealed bulbs suitable for storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Narrow stem: suitable for use as a freeze vial, sedimentation and transport