Talborne VitaBone Bonemeal Phosphate


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Talborne VitaBone Bonemeal Phosphate (4-10-0, (14)) – pH: 6.9 – 2kg bags

Vita Bone Phos Bonemeal is a natural slow release soil amendment / fertilizer that stimulates vigorous and healthy plant growth. Promotes strong roots and sturdy plants.

Bonemeal is water-insoluble, it needs to be broken down before a plant can absorb it, either by soil acidity (pH < 7.0) or by microbial activity producing acids. It releases its nutrients over a period of 1 – 4 months. Adding beneficial bacteria to you soil or substrate mix will ensure that the bonemeal is broken down into an inorganic and plant-available form. Products like Biodyne 401 or BioFetoPower can be used for this purpose.

Bonemeal is particularly beneficial for root crops, including carrots, onions, radishes, parsnips and turnips. Flowers grown from bulbs, corms and tubers will also benefit from an application of bonemeal.

Bonemeal (and other phosphorus sources) is toxic to members of the Protea family. These plants and others adapted to nutrient-poor soils and can easily scavenge necessary minerals.


Talborne VitaBone Bonemeal Phosphate Breakdown:

N: 40g/kg

P: 100g/kg

K: –

Ca: 200g/kg

Mg: 4g/kg

S: 5g/kg

Na: 6g/kg


Cu: 7mg/kg

Fe: 688mg/kg

Mn: 28mg/kg

Zn: 108mg/kg

B: 13 mg/kg

Mo: 3mg/kg

pH: 6.9



Containers – Small: 10ml, Medium: 20ml, Large: 40 -50ml

Can also be used on lawns and gardens, shrubs and trees.