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The Sticky Trap lures insects using bright colors and traps them with a sticky, non-toxic glue which coats both sides. The yellow trap attracts aphids, thrips, flies, fungus gnats, whiteflies and leafminers.  The special shade of blue is especially attractive to certain species of thrips and leafminers.

The Sticky Trap usually do not attract beneficial insects.

Peel off the protective coating and simply hang the sticky trap using one of the perforations as a hang hole or stake the traps in a pot. Cut to smaller size if required.

The Stick traps are water-resistant and last for several months. Replace once half of the surface of trap is covered with insects or dust.

The square grid pattern allows you to monitor the level of infestation.

Don’t spray harmful chemicals around your garden or in your home, get rid of destructive insects the easy way with these Sticky Traps. We recommend setting the traps early in the season before the populations of insects build.

Sold per single Trap

Length: 19.5cm

Width: 8.5cm

Using sticky traps to monitor pests is a standard greenhouse practice that can help reduce overall pest management costs when coupled with plant inspections. Sticky traps are a tool for identifying adult insect pests present in a greenhouse, including whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, shore flies and leafminers. Sticky traps can also be used to monitor adult parasitoids released in biological control programs.

Sticky traps only capture airborne adults and do not capture immature stages that commonly cause most crop damage.

Some greenhouse pests such as spider mites, scales and mealybugs are usually not caught on sticky traps. Only winged aphids are captured, and winged forms do not typically appear until population levels are high. For these reasons, sticky traps must be used in combination with visual plant inspections to confirm the presence of economically damaging pest populations.