Sonoff RJ11 Smart Soil Moisture Sensor


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Sonoff RJ11 Smart Soil Moisture Sensor – This sensor works with Sonoff TH Smart Switches.

The cable length of this sensor is 50 cm , and can be extended to a maximum of 10m, using a Sonoff RJ11 Connector Extension

Connect a watering system to your Sonoff TH Smart Switch and use readings from the moisture sensor to automate, or set and alarm on your smartphone to let you know when it’s time to water!

All this and more is possible with Sonoff and the eWeLink home automation smartphone app.


  • Works with Sonoff TH devices to monitor your plants’ soil moisture
  • DIY your sprinkler to automatically water according to the desired moisture value
  • IP55 waterproof rating to avoid having to remove the sensor when watering
  • Ask your Google Assistant for humidity conveniently
  • Works with Sonoff RJ11 Connector Extension to extend measuring distance up to 10m

Sonoff RJ11 Smart Soil Moisture Sensor Specifications:

  • Humidity Measuring: 0-100%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-60°C
  • Waterproof Level: IP55
  • Maximum Extended Length: 10m
  • Size: 130x30x13mm
  • Cable Length: 50cm
  • Sensor Type: Capacitive
  • Power Supply: 3.3V
  • Flame Retardant Rating: V0

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