Soil pH Meter


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The Soil pH Meter is quick and easy to use to assist measuring the pH of your soil. Essential for optimum growth.

Simple to use, no battery required.

Instant acid or alkaline reading.

Make sure the soil is moist and the probe is clean.

Push the Garland Soil pH Meter probe into the soil up to about 12cm deep and wait 60 seconds to take a reading. Take two to three readings in different places.

A reading of 7 is pH neutral.

Between 3 and 7 is acidic. To make the soil more alkaline, for every 1 pH add approx 300g per square meter of Lime.

Between 7 and 10 is Alkaline. To make the soil more acidic, for every 1 pH add approx 70g per square meter of Sulphate of Ammonia.

Check your plant instructions for the conditions it requires.

Before storing clean and dry the probe well.

Pleas note: without soil the meter will not return a reading.