Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid


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Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid is made from wet Ecklonia Maxima Kelp (Sea Bamboo). The kelp goes through a milling process to produce a smooth green suspension which is compatible with most fertilizer regimes. This liquid kelp stimulant has a growth promoting effect on plants, including increased root growth which strengthens the plant and will result in better yields.

Size: 1 liter bottle.

The benefits behind Sea-Rock:

  • It is a natural growth catalyst which can be introduced via foliar spray where it is directly absorbed by the stomata, or by soil drench where the roots will directly absorb the nutrients.
  • Can be successfully added to other blends of fertilizers or pest control regimes.
  • Beneficial in times of plant stress to enable growth and decrease vulnerability.
  • Excellent boost for new plants, seedlings or transplants.
  • Contains all the natural occurring substances and natural plant growth stimulants found in seaweed.
  • 100% organic
  • Registered Group 2 fertilizer (B5116, Act 36 of 1947) Certified organic and can safely be used in organic farming.

Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid general application rates are between 0.5% and 2% of watering solution, depending on plant development stage.

It has been proven that kelp or what is in kelp can accelerate growth, increase fruiting and flowering, provide resistance to disease, insects and frost. There are a couple of things that are important in regards to the benefits of kelp and how they work. The first one is all of the trace elements and minerals which are aided by a carbohydrate mannitol that chelates or makes available certain minerals. One of the problems of modern farming is enabling the plant to take up all of the nutrients to complete a healthy life cycle. Chelates are very important in allowing plants to take up certain essential elements. What researchers have discovered is that with so many trace elements and minerals as well as vitamins and enzymes not to mention growth hormones, kelp aids in building and or supporting the plants natural immune system. If you can keep a plants immune system high it will have the ability to resist disease, insects, frost, and drought.

The second important and perhaps the most important aspect of kelp is the growth hormones. Kelp contains ample quantities of auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins. All growth hormones play a part in how a plant functions, and are more accurately called growth regulators. Kelp has very high amounts of a particular hormone, cytokinin. Cytokinins are responsible for cell division, cell enlargement, differentiation of cells, development of chloroplasts as well as a delay in aging.