RAM 150mm Clip-on Fan


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A RAM 150mm Clip-on Fan does NOT oscillate, the fan head remains stationary, blowing in one direction. The fan’s blowing direction can be manually adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The fan comes with 2 types of mounting brackets:

PLEASE NOTE: Newer stock is equipped with a UK plug, please remember a Universal Socket to ZA Plug Adaptor if you need one! 

  • Clip-on bracket: Features a strong spring-loaded and rubber lined beak, able to clip onto most flat surfaces, like tabletops, bookshelves, etc.
  • Pole-mount bracket: This bracket is included specifically with grow tents in mind – where growers would want to install the fan onto the tent’s vertical frame, where it can cover the plant canopy. The pole-mount bracket can fit onto pole diameters of between 16 and 25mm.

Using a RAM 150mm Clip-on Fan to create good airflow around your plants has many benefits: It makes them grow up stronger, able to transport nutrients better, more resistant to pests, diseases and molds, helps with plant respiration and leaf temperature, and also helps prevent airy and loose flower clusters. Air flow over the plants is more important during the “day” part of plants’ 24 hour cycle and the air flow over their leaves can be “turned off” during night time, similar to the wind dying down as night falls in nature.


Fan blade diameter: 150 mm

Protective mesh grill diameter: 195 mm

Wattage: 15 W

Voltage: 220 V A/C

Electrical Cord Length: 1.5 m, with 2-pin plug OR UK plug!

Speed Settings: 2 speeds