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Square Pots 

Square Pots are ideal for Herbs, Annuals and Perennials. The Square Pot allows dual drainage bottoms.

Black Square Pot – 10cm: 10cm Height

10cm Width

10cm Depth


Black Square Pot – 12.5cm: 12.5cm Height

12.5cm Width

12.5cm Depth


Black or Square Pot – 17.5cm: 17.5cm Height

17.5cm Width

17.5cm Depth


10L Square Pot:

22cm Width Top

18 cm Diameter Bottom

27cm Height

Pot is square at the top and round at the bottom

10l-black-square-pot15L Square Pot: 

26cm Width Top

22 cm Diameter Bottom

32cm Height

Pot is square at the top and round at the bottom



9.5L pot tray

25cm Saucer:

25cm Diameter Top

26cm Diameter Bottom

3cm Height



1.5L Thermoform Pot

The Thermo-formed pot is manufactured from a sheet of extruded poly-propylene. They offer a cheaper, yet presentable solution for your product.

thermoform pot

15cm Diameter Top

11cm Diameter Bottom

13.5cm Height




5L Thermoform Pot

22.5cm Diameter Top

17.5cm Diameter Bottom

17.5cm Height