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Pot Scrog Pot Stake – Making it easier to trim, train, and secure your favorite plants, the Pot Stake takes up less space than a Pot SCROG Scrog Frame and can be installed next to an established plant quickly.

The horizontal bar that will rest on the surface of your potting medium is 22cm long, with 4 screw-heads that can be used to tie down branches during low stress training using a roll of Twist Tie, for example. The 2 vertical prongs that will provide stability to the Pot Stake are 21cm long, while the height of the stake from the horizontal bar is 74cm. The stake has 4 horizontal supports spaced along its height, providing ample anchoring or training support for your plant.

Use Green Stretchy Tape for softer stems, to not damage the plant tissue while tying down.

This stake is ideal for holding up maturing Cannabis stalks, especially in windy environments, as well for growing small Chili varieties , Beans, Peas and other vines or creepers.

* Pot not included – for illustration purposes only

Ah, the drama of mature plant stalks – they’re like the divas of the garden, always threatening to make a grand entrance by dramatically falling over. It’s as if they’ve been rehearsing a Shakespearean tragedy and decided, “To lean or not to lean, that is the question.” Picture your plants swaying like elegant ballerinas, but when they get tired, instead of a graceful curtsy, they opt for a dramatic collapse. Enter the plant stakes – the unsung heroes of the garden. These stakes are like the backstage crew, working tirelessly to ensure that your plants stay on their feet and avoid a horticultural catastrophe. So, here’s to the mature plant stalks and their penchant for theatrics, and here’s to the sturdy stakes that keep the garden stage upright, saving us from a Shakespearean tragedy in the veggie patch!