Planting Calendar

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The Planting Calendar, is an A3 full color wall calendar which is accompanied by the Garden Guide booklet. Filled with helpful advice from experienced and passionate South African gardeners and features a directory of local resources.

2022 edition is out now!

This planting Calendar is designed to be used as a tool to assist you with your gardening activities. Working with the SA Moon times, this calendar displays easy to follow instructions of what to do and what not to do in your garden throughout the month. Allows you to prepare for each phase of the growth cycle and being ready for the next rejuvenation.

The Planting Calendar
– Shares easy to follow guidance for practical application
– Displaying monthly photos of inspiring local gardens
– Monthly lists of seeds to plant according SA seasons
– Moon phases and changes according to SA time
– Daily garden activities are in tune with the moon.

The Garden Guide:

This timeless collectible publication shares useful information for
all lifestyles, urban and rural. A new edition is printed once a year
to accompany both the Summer and Winter Planting Calendar.
Each edition shares content from local contributors, covering all gardening aspects.
Topics include:

– Structural methods for Urban gardening
Water saving, capturing and recycling advice
– Articles from contributors specializing in their skill
– Companion planting chart and SA regional guide
– Comprehensive Directory to local resources and initiatives
– Designed for more than the garden enthusiast, we aim to
encourage everyone to incorporate their garden into their home.