Oscillating Clip Fan


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This Oscillating Clip Fan with its 150 mm fan diameter housed inside a 220 mm mesh enclosure creates great airflow around your plants. The fan has an oscillating function that rotates it side to side for 90 degrees, so that the fan doesn’t bump against the sides of your grow tent. The Oscillating Clip Fan can also be adjusted upwards or downwards to customize your circulation.

The Clip Fan body is mounted on a very sturdy mounting clip and the fan body can be swiveled from side to side on the mounting clip to make installation very easy.

It comes with 2 speeds and creates a lot of air movement, even on the slower setting!

The fan is sold with a standard South African plug and comes with a 1.5 m long cord – no extra wiring required.

Having good airflow around your plants has many benefits: It makes them grow up stronger, able to transport nutrients better, more resistant to pests, diseases and molds, helps with plant respiration and leaf temperature, and also helps prevent airy and loose flower clusters.

Don’t forget to give your plants a wind “break” every now and again ; ) 

Switch off fan for a few hours a day (preferably in the night cycle) to give your plants a Wind “break”. Your plants need a nap time and so does the fan.