Mini DWC – Extension


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The Mini DWC  Extension can be used to scale up your existing growing system/s, indoors or outdoors.

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE KIT (Click here for Complete starter kit), but is an ideal add-on for experienced growers who already have systems and materials on hand and are looking to expand.


– 45L reservoir (Size: 44cm x 39cm x 37cm)
– 4 x 200ml Net Pots
– Submersible water pump & feeding manifold

Recommended additions:

– Multi-outlet air pump and accessories (Air-stones, etc.)

– LECA growing medium

– Additional nutrients / additives


Deep Water Hydroponics system


“Bubbleponics” is the art of delivering highly oxygenated nutrient solution direct to the root zone of plants. While Deep Water Culture involves the plant roots hanging down into a reservoir of water below, the term Bubbleponics describes a top-fed Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system. In this method, the water is pumped from the reservoir up to the roots (top feeding). The water is released over the plant’s roots and then runs back into the reservoir below in a constantly recirculating system. As with Deep Water Culture, there is an airstone in the reservoir that pumps air into the water via a hose from outside the reservoir. The airstone helps add oxygen to the water. Both the airstone and the water pump run 24 hours a day.

The biggest advantages with Bubbleponics over Deep Water Culture involve increased growth during the first few weeks. With Deep Water Culture, there is a time where the roots have not reached the water yet. With Bubbleponics, the roots get easy access to water from the beginning and will grow to the reservoir below much more quickly than with a Deep Water Culture system. Once the roots have reached the reservoir below, there is not a huge advantage with Bubbleponics over Deep Water Culture. However, due to the quicker growth in the beginning, a few weeks of grow time can be shaved off