Microscope Loupe 40X


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The Microscope Loupe 40X is ideal for identifying insect pests and plant diseases. Provides a sharp, clear, magnified image without distortion and features a swing-away protective lens cover that also serves as a handle. Loupes also work really well when trying to examine trichome colouring up close.

Get targeted, optimal illumination with the Microscope Loupe 40X. The Loupe works by the light of an intensely bright LED bulbs, getting you 40x closer without eye strain.

• Easily identify pests and diseases, allowing faster prevention and less damage to plants
• Provides targeted, optimal illumination
• Compact and lightweight design
• Super bright LED bulbs to illuminate specimens
• 3 LED’s: switch for either bright white light or UV light
• Includes button cell batteries and a sturdy carry case

Size: 3.3cm wide x 7cm long

Many enthusiasts find that using a magnifying loupe while checking up on plants is the quickest and easiest way to quickly zoom in on points of interest. Unlike other types of handheld magnifiers, a loupe does not need to touch the object that is being looked at and observations can be made quickly and effortlessly. This a great benefit when already in an uncomfortable position between your planting and will save a lot of frustration. If anything if interest is discovered while inspecting, samples can be taken that can be examined in more detail in a more suitable location.