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GuardnAid Yellow Sticky Trap 5 Pack – Catch and identify your pests with this pack of five double sided yellow glue sheets used to monitor the presence of all flying insects (eg: Fungus Gnats). Use these sticky fly traps as part of your routine integrated pest management (IPM) procedure to alert you to a problem before it becomes an infestation and also to curb pest numbers in enclosed environments, such as indoor grow spaces.

The GuardnAid Yellow Sticky Trap 5 Pack includes plastic hanging hooks that are clipped into the perforated holes that run along the short sides of the traps. Simply peel off the cover paper, attach the hanging hook and hang close to your plantings.

Trap Dimensions: 24 cm x 10 cm

It is recommended to hang more than one trap in a growing area, enabling detection of pests as soon as possible. Use about 2 to 3 traps in an area of 2.4 m x 1.8 m.

If your plants are already established and of a good size, you can gently shake the plant canopies to cause insects that are present to take flight – alerting you of their presence.

These insect catchers should last for several months in a dust-free low-humidity environment.

If more than half of a trap is covered with insects and/or dust, replace the insect catcher.

It is recommended to change the traps once a month in a space with lost of pests during the growing season.

GuardnAid Yellow Sticky Trap 5 Pack insect catchers can also be placed horizontally, close to the base of your plants, to warn you of pests that live close to the soil surface ( eg: Scarid Fly ) The horizontal traps can be secured by pushing stakes through the perforated holes of the traps.

These traps are made with biodegradable material and no poisons and may be disposed of in recyclable household waste. Due to the strong glue used on the traps, keep out of reach of pets and children.