Green House Powder Feeding – Booster

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Green House Powder Feeding – Booster is a PK Booster by Green House Seeds which has been developed specifically to supply the plants during the flowering phase with the necessary amount of phosphor, potassium, and magnesium. Additionally, the Powder Feeding Booster contains lots of micronutrients, which the plants need to increase the flower production.

NPK: 0 – 30 – 27


Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide [P 2 O 5] 30%
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide [K 2 O] 27%
Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide [Mg] 8.2%
Water Soluble Boron [B] 0.03%
Water Soluble Copper (as chelate from EDTA) [Cu] 0.002%
Water Soluble Iron (as chelate from EDTA) [Fe] 0.12%
Water Soluble Manganese (as chelate from EDTA) [Mn] 0.05%
Water Soluble Molybdenum [Mo] 0.005%
Soluble Zinc (as chelate from EDTA) [Zn] 0.01%


Application: (In combination with the basic fertilizer)
Week 3 and 4: 2-3g/10 l
Week 5 and 6: 3-4g/10 l
Week 7 and 8: 4-5g/10 l

Green House Powder Feeding – Booster recommendations:

Recommended pH-value: 5,8 – 6,5

– Use regular tap water with a temperature of 18-22 °C
– Mix well for 2-3 minutes
– The mixed nutrient solution can be stored at room temperature in a lightproof container for up to 7 days

To guarantee an exact dosage, each 1kg bag comes with a 10g measuring cup!