EC Calibrating Solution 1.413




EC Calibrating Solution 1.413 should be used to calibrate your Digital EC Pen to ensure accurate readings for optimal growth.

When using a meter to measure either the ppm of total dissolved solids or conductivity of a liquid, it is necessary to periodically calibrate the meter using a calibration standard solution. Although the basis for testing ppm of total dissolved solids is the conductivity of the solution, it is not correct to assume that this measurement is absolute.

It is always necessary to calibrate all total dissolved solids meters with a parts per million total dissolved solids standard calibration solution that contains the same type of salts or mixtures of salts as the solution to be tested. Failure to do this will result in serious errors in the measurement of total dissolved solids.

Refer to Digital Pen instructions for type of calibrating solution required.


Always make sure to shake excess water off the probe before dipping it into a water sample, even if it’s the same water.

After dipping probe in the water, always lightly tap it against the side and stir the meter to remove any lingering air bubbles.

When taking the reading, always make sure to hold the meter straight up without it touching the sides or bottom of the glass/beaker/cup. The probes should be suspended as close to the center of the water sample as possible. In-line meter probes need to be positioned in the tee so that the water will flow between the two metal prongs, not against them.

The longer the probe is in the water, the more accurate the reading will be.

If switching between very low and very high PPM water, always rinse the probes with water to avoid any build-up. Rinse probe under running water after each rest to avoid salt buildup on Probe.