Easy2Grow Accessory Pack AQUAValve5


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The Autopot Easy2Grow Accessory Pack AQUAValve5  includes:

  • 1 x Aquavalve 5 (With bigger 5mm inlet)
  • 2 x Square Potsocks
  • 2 x Square Marix Disk
  • 1 x T Connector 12mm to 9mm
  • 1 x Cross Connector 12mm to 9mm
  • 1 x 9mm T-Piece
  • 1 x meter of 9mm Autopot piping

AQUAValve5 for systems using 9mm and 12-9mm fittings.

PLEASE NOTE: Accessory packs are included in Autopot sets and larger multi-pot kits, and DO NOT need to be purchased separately, unless specifically required.