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Double Nickel 55, A biological fungicide for the prevention and suppression of powdery and downy mildew on plant crops. OMRI listed and suitable for use in organic production. No Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) – meets demands of export markets in terms of minimal/zero residue pest management programs.

Active Ingredient: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (D747) – a bacteria based active ingredient.

Size: 100 g

Dosage: 5 g / liter of water, Apply every 7 days with a minimum of 3 applications. Apply as soon as disease is noticed or, preferably as a preventative measure. Please refer to the label for further details.

Double Nickel 55 produces antimicrobial metabolites which inhibit growth of fungi and bacteria. It colonizes plant surfaces, occupying space and using up nutrient sources at potential infection sites, making it very hard for pathogens to get established.

Double Nickel 55 can help activate a plant’s natural defense mechanisms through ISR. ISR is a state of enhanced immunity to infection demonstrated by plants following an injury or presence of inducer or presence of inducer organisms like B. amyloliquefaciens.

Don’t be that guy…

Imagine a gardener, happily tending to their lush green haven, only to discover the dreaded sight of white, powdery mildew spreading like an uninvited guest at a garden party. Panic sets in as they realize they’ve neglected to prevent this botanical blight with their trusty Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. This beneficial bacterium, known for its prowess in combating fungal foes, did not go into his shopping cart, because he thought he would be okay. Now, the gardener faces the grim task of battling the mold, mildew and botrytis bud-rot head-on, wishing they had sprayed a bit of microbial magic to keep their garden thriving and fungus-free!