CVault Storage Containers

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CVault Storage Containers are the ultimate humidity controlled storage system.  Combining the air-tight CVault with the Humidipak creates the perfect holding environment for your products.  The CVault maintains the ideal relative humidity, without losing or gaining any moisture, protecting and prolonging it’s usable lifespan and ensuring that your products remain as fresh and flavourful as the day you stored them away.

The CVault Storage Containers  are constructed of a premium food grade stainless steel. Using patented 2-way humidity control technology, the Boveda humidity pack eliminates naturally occurring humidity spikes and regulates the conditions inside the container, preventing your herbs from losing any potency from the evaporation of oils or other active ingredients.

The components of the Boveda humidity pack are natural elements: salt and pure water.  There are no chemicals used within and all ingredients are food grade approved.  The Humidipak only allows pure water vapour in and out of the CVault system.

These containers are ideal for growers looking for the absolute best storage solutions that will keep products fresher for longer and also suitable for commercial and wholesale bulk suppliers.

Personal CVault 

  • Small CVault Curing Storage Container – 8cm Diameter x 4.4cm Depth                Capacity 7 to 12 grams (Includes One 8g Boveda® Humidipak)
  • Medium CVault Curing Storage Container – 10 cm Diameter x 5.6 cm Depth      Capacity 14 to 24 grams (Includes One 8g Boveda® Humidipak)
  • Large CVault Curing Storage Container – 12 cm Diameter x 6.5 cm Depth            Capacity 28 to 50 Grams (Includes Two 8g Boveda® Humidipak)

Commercial CVault

  • 2 Litre CVault Humidor Curing Container –  20 cm Diameter x 10 cm Depth      Capacity 85 to 110 Grams
    (Includes One 60g 62% RH Boveda® Humidipak)
  • 4 Litre CVault Humidor Curing Container –  23 cm Diameter x 14 cm Depth Capacity 225 Grams
    (Includes One 60g 62% RH Boveda® Humidipaks)
  • 8 Litre CVault Humidor Curing Container – 26 cm Diameter x 18 cm Depth Capacity 450 Grams
    (Includes Two 60g 62% RH Boveda® Humidipaks)
  • 21 Litre CVault Humidor Curing Container –  33 cm Diameter x 26 cm Depth    Capacity 1kg (Includes 320 Gram 62% RH Boveda® Humidipak)

Air Tight Humidor Design :

  • Wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  •  Lid top can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and relabeled as needed when vault contents change.
  • Humidity Pack holder is  specifically designed to hold your Boveda or Humidipak  Humidity Production Pack®.

New Industrial Latch Design: Industrial Engineered to provide an airtight seal to lock in product freshness no matter what you put in your CVault.

Stackable:  Buy multiples for different varieties; containers are stack-able and saves space.