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Co2 Tabs are fizzy tablets with a very slow and gradual release of Carbon Dioxide to assist in optimum growth. They intergrate and complete the normal plants fertilisation providing them with the highest quantity of CO2 they are able to absorb through roots and foliage.

In order to obtain the best results from CO2 Tabs, we recommend to switch off air extractors in the room while the tables are solving.

Attention: adding CO2 during the dark period or shortly before doesn’t give any result because a plant is not able to absorb it.

The application is recommended just after starting of the lamps, always when the extractors are switched off.


Absorption by roots: gently crush 1 tablet in 5L of Nutient solution and fertilise as usual.

Absorption by leaves: dissolve 1 tablet for every 2 plants in a cup of water and position as close as possible to your plants. In hydroponic systems, simply disolve the tables directly into the tank, following the same recommendations.

Apply 3 times per week, perferably immendiatly the day time is started.

Overdosing is almost impossible and in any case neither harmful or useful.

Size: 1 tablet