Chunky Coco Peat Bricks


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Chunky Coco Peat Bricks, WASHED, E.C. < 1.0 mS/cm.

70% coir pith + 30% 5mm ± 2 mm fibres.

Dry weight: 5kg ± 500g

Yield: ± 50 -55 liters

More suited towards larger plants. Use fine coir for seeds and seedlings and then transplant into this substrate later on.

Chunky Coco Peat Bricks ideally need to be buffered using a Calcium Magnesium Solution (e.g. using 200ml / 5kg brick of EHG Cal Mag PLUS) added to about 20lt of water, soaked overnight (or at least for a few hours), and then rinsed again before use. Rinsing can be done after substrate has been put into the flower pots, before planting into them.

Buffering coir:

When coco coir is buffered, for instance using EHG Cal Mag PLUS, it undergoes a process that replaces the potassium and sodium that is held onto by the coir, with calcium and magnesium that is added to the coir during the buffering process. Doing this before using the coir, makes this process happen BEFORE plants is introduced, instead of the process happening with plants growing in the coir already.

Nobody wants their coir to “steal” the Ca and Mg in their nutrient solutions when feeding their plants and for these minerals to be replaced with Sodium and Potassium instead, but this is what will happen when using improperly buffered and rinsed coir.

Buffering ( and then rinsing ) coir is a proactive measure to create an optimal growing environment that supports healthy root development, robust vegetative growth, and bountiful yields for a wide range of plant species.