Bioleaf MCG Specialized Growing Medium 60L


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Bioleaf MCG Specialized Growing Medium 60L is specifically designed for the cultivation of medicinal grade Cannabis. A top quality professional soilless medium, Bioleaf has a balanced pH and optimal water holding capacity and air porosity. Bioleaf uses the best quality horticultural Perlite and Coco Peat and coir E.C. is carefully monitored.

Bio Leaf Technologies growing mediums are manufactured to strict quality standards in their ISO 9001 certified production facility. Their products meet the requirements for growing products for food and medical grade and meet the requirements for OHSAS 18001 certification.

Bioleaf MCG Specialized Growing Medium 60Ldoes not contain soil and is free from pathogens and other organisms. Every batch is laboratory tested to ensure consistent quality, to give you peace of mind as a grower, and help you harvest a consistently superior quality product, fit for medical applications.

Bag Volume: 60 lt