Buffalo Grow Tower

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Buffalo Grow Tower:

  • The Buffalo Grow Tower enables you to produce fresh crops anywhere, from your balcony to the kitchen inside or outside.
  • The vertical design fits far more plants than horizontally oriented systems, allowing you to produce up to 40 crops (If extended upwards using additional tower sections) in less than one square meter. The base kit has 24 pot cavities.
  • Enjoy an easier gardening experience with automated feed and the elimination of soil related pains, such as digging and weeding, also automating feeding, watering, and other key tasks, and reducing the risk of pests.
    Support an eco-friendly future by saving up to 90 percent water, producing up to 30 percent greater yields in a shorter period than conventional growing methods.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint and costs of food transportation.
  • It is especially important to note that these products are manufactured from food grade material that is UV stabilized for protection from the South African sun.
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa.

With advantages like these, the Buffalo Grow Tower is a winning system.

The Buffalo Grow Tower Kit Incudes:

  • 80 liter reservoir with service hatch lid and drainage valve ( the “tank” part of the unit )
  • Reservoir lid with its own tower section ( 4 cavities )
  • 5 additional tower sections ( 20 cavities )
  • Shower head, with shower head lid ( the very top piece of the system )
  • Submersible water pump
  • 1 meter draining pipe, 12mm
  • 1.8 meter plastic pipe, 20mm
  • “16/25 reducer” ( This customized fitting disperses the pumped nutrient solution around the shower head )
  • 28 x 16mm screws ( To screw the tower sections into each other )
  • Instruction manual


Reservoir color may vary, depending on availability! … Currently in stock: Buffalo Tan ( 2nd block below )

Buffalo Grow Tower Colours