Blumat Tropf System Distribution Dripper Set


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The Blumat Tropf System Distribution Dripper Set increases the watered area allocated around a single Blumat Tropf “carrot” (orange clay cone with watering diaphragm on top) – extending your watering capacity without the need for extra Tropf sensors (carrots). We recommend adding up to 5 drippers to one Blumat Tropf “carrot”. You could place the drippers up to 1m from the carrot/sensor and each dripper will water an area with a diameter of around 20 cm. Distribution drippers are best installed by using a dripper support.

Whether a person can use a mineral nutrient solution for feeding in conjunction with the Blumat system is debatable – as the small diameter pipping and drippers may easily clog up over time with normal salt build-ups and nutrient calcification. A flushing and rinsing agent like FlashClean may have to be used periodically to dissolve any nutrient build-up inside the piping and/or clay cone “carrots”.  An alternative would be to top-feed with your favorite nutrient range as needed and to rely on the Blumat system for regular watering in between feedings.

Each pack contains:

  • 8 x Distribution drippers with T-connections
  • 2 x Distribution drippers with L-connections, for the end of each line.
  • 2 x meters 3mm Blumat drip tubing
  • 1 x 3 mm End cap

Use the Blumat planning aid to work out how many watering “carrots” and/or distribution drippers you will need.