Blumat Digital Soil Moisture Meter

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The Blumat Digital Soil Moisture Meter is a professional moisture meter allowing you to accurately check the moisture content of your soil or substrate. The meter uses Blumat’s porous clay cone sensor technology to measure the soil moisture. As the soil needs to “bond” to the clay “carrot” cone in order for the meter to give accurate readings ( in millibar ), the clay cone needs to be in the soil for 2 to 3 hours before the first readings are taken. This makes the meter most valuable as a permanent meter for plants that will require constant monitoring.  Detailed operating instructions HERE.

The meter comes in very handy to apply the precise amounts of water needed to sensitive plants and prevents root damage caused by over-watering or by too much rainfall during the rainy season.

Be careful not to damage the clay cone “carrot” sensor when inserting the probe into harder soils – making a hole roughly the size of the probe beforehand in harder soils will help to prevent sensor damage.


NEVER immerse the electronic measuring in water or get it wet. If used outside during the rainy season – remove the electronic measuring head from the sensor when not in use ( the sensor, or carrot, can be left in the soil during rainfall ) OR protect the head by covering it with the plastic protection cap ( included with the meter ).

N.B: Always monitor the water level in the plastic tube of the “carrot” sensor before using the meter. If need be, fill the tube up to the brim again.




  1.  Unscrew measuring head
  2.  Soak plastic tube with ceramic tip in water for at least 15 minutes.
  3.  Fill plastic tube with tap water up to the brim.
  4.  Screw measuring head back on as far as it will go.
  5.  Then insert into the soil, about 15 to 18 cm deep in the outer part of the root, for potted plants 5 to 8 cm from the edge of the pot.

For newly repotted plants, insert the cone directly into the soft soil always rotating to the right and then press the soil down slightly.

In case of dense root growth or very hard soil, pierce a suitable hole in the outer part of the root. Fill the hole halfway up with loose earth and water. Then insert the Blumat Digital rotating to the right, fill the hole with soil and press down.



Detailed operating instructions HERE.