Atami BCuzz Bloom Stimulator

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Intensifies the blooming period…

Atami BCuzz Bloom Stimulator is applied when the plant starts forming flowers, just before it enters the bloom phase. BCuzz Bloom Stimulator will then kick-start the bloom phase and make it more intense and last longer. This will result in an explosive production of thick and compact flowers and eventually fruits that taste and smell great. The Bloom phase is an exciting part of the plant life cycle, during which vegetative growth is reduced and generative development starts.

ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR: Different kinds of vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, chili peppers and eggplant. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g. Osteospermum). The required dosage can be measured to meet the needs of individual plants or crops.

From the start of flower formation, add during each watering. Atami BCuzz Bloom Stimulator is easy to use! You can combine it with practically all base nutrients as it has almost no NPK value. Plus, it is highly concentrated.

0.5 ml – 1 ml per liter of water.


P – 15 g/kg

K – 31 g/kg



What started in 1997 as a small project has grown into a renowned technical biological research brand that focuses on the development and production of liquid plant nutrition and substrates. Apart from the research they do in their laboratory, they  produce their products themselves as well. Numerous machines are working day after day on making their products ready for shipping. They are continuously in development and are not done yet: The sky is the limit!